#ZamfaraKillings: Measures government has put in place

buba - #ZamfaraKillings: Measures government has put in place

Following the endless killings and kidnappings in Zamfara state, the federal government has come up with these measures to put an end to the ugly situation.

Illicit mining

In the face of intelligence reports that have clearly established a strong and glaring nexus between the activities of armed bandits and illicit miners – with both mutually re-enforcing each other, the Federal Government of Nigeria has directed as follows:

1. Mining activities in Zamfara and other affected States are hereby suspended with immediate effect.

2. Consequently, any mining operator who engages in mining activities in the affected locations henceforth will have his licence revoked.

3. All foreigners operating in the mining fields should close and leave within 48 hours.

What police is up to

The Nigeria Police Force has commenced, in collaboration with the Nigerian Military and other Security Services, “Operation PUFF-ADDER” which is a full-scale security offensive against the bandits.

The operation is aimed at:

– reclaiming every public space under the control of the bandits

– arresting and bringing to book all perpetrators of violence in the affected areas, and their collaborators

– achieving total destruction of all criminal camps and hideouts

– mopping up all illicit weapons fueling the violence and attaining a full restoration of law and order in the affected communities.

Our commitment to protecting the sanctity of life and property is irrevocable, and we will not scale-down the pressure on the armed bandits until they are totally flushed-out.

Why government wants from Nigerians

We appeal for the cooperation of the local communities, especially the traditional and religious leaders within these communities.

We also urge citizens to exercise restraint in circulating unconfirmed information capable of doing more damage to us all.

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