Unilag birthed and honed my world view – Osinbajo reveals

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was a honourable guest at the 50th Convocation Lecture of the University of Lagos.

Osinbajo, who became a lecturer at the university 38 years ago says he that was where is worldview was birthed and honed.

Read part of what he shared at the event below

I graduated from the University of Lagos in 1978 and I was engaged as a lecturer in the faculty of law in November 1981, 38 years ago.

It was in Unilag that my world view was birthed and honed, my positions on public and social justice, my sceptism of purist and allegedly sacrosanct economic ideologies, my belief that the dynamism and immeasurable potential of human kind informs that the most crucial pillar of government economic policies must be on how to consistently improve the quality of Human Resources.

Permit me to share with you a bit of what I share at the 50th Convocation Lecture of Unilag.

Nigeria’s prosperity means a decent existence for all. That prosperity will be attained if we are able to address the issues of extreme poverty, productivity, corruption, the rule of law & the deficiencies in the quality of human resources caused by poor education and healthcare

This last point is possibly the most fundamental. How to ensure that we maximize the potential of the abundant  human resources that we have.



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