I once called an idiot by an older colleague in the industry – Funke Etti reveals

nollywood actress funke etti breaks internet with bedroom photo - I once called an idiot by an older colleague in the industry – Funke Etti reveals

Nollywood actress Funke Etti, needs little or no introduction in the movie industry.

The Yoruba actress and producer in a new interview with Punch has opened up on her life, carer and more.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, Etti opened up on her one regret in life saying;

”I only have one regret in life; if I could turn back the hands of time to when I was 25, I would have loved to achieve a lot of things. For instance, at that age, I would have been done with childbirth. When I see some of my colleagues that have grown children, I admire them. I also consider myself to be lucky and I give glory to God because there are some of my colleagues that are still hoping to have children. I also know that God does things at the appropriate time. When I have a daughter, I will advise her to get married by age 26.

“Motherhood is a very lovely experience but it is not an easy task. I remember those days before I had kids, I could go out around 1am. Once in a while, I would go to a club, just to enjoy myself but now, I have to think of the children before taking any action,” she said.

On taking half-naked photos on her last birthday and plan for the next one, she said;

“I would not say that I was half naked in the photo shoot for my birthday last year. I only took the pictures while I was covered with a bedspread. I just felt like doing something different. This year, I would be 40 years old and I would also love to do something different.

“I own my life and I do not care about what people say as long as I am happy. The only constant thing in life is change; there are times people see me and say that I am a quiet person. I took the picture just to do something crazy. As I clock 40, I may not do something crazy because once you have kids, you have to give them some respect,” the actress said.

On joining the insdustry, Etti said;

“I remember when I recently joined the movie industry; I was paired with a senior colleague for a movie project. The person is well known. I was very excited that I was working with a popular person. I knew my lines very well and I read them out with zeal and excitement only for the popular senior colleague to tell me to shut up.

“She said, ‘Who is this idiot, I am sorry, I cannot work with her.’ I felt very bad but it did not discourage me. The producer and director of the movie project had to apologise to me. Glory be to God because 12 years later, the woman wanted to produce a movie and she wanted me to play the lead role and began to beg me.

“She had forgotten what she did but I remember vividly. I did not remind her of what she did because God has told us to forgive and forget. I just give glory to God because it is one of those things that happen in life,” she said.

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