I am closer to God now – Lord of Ajasa

veteran nigerian rapper lord of ajasa critically ill need donations to undergo a peptic ulcer operation - I am closer to God now – Lord of Ajasa

Lord of Ajasa has continued to get better and according to report, the veteran rap artiste is back home awaiting his surgery.

Speaking with Punch, he said;

“I thank God that I am better now. I have been discharged but I still go to LUTH as an outpatient for some treatments. However, I will be undergoing surgery in some weeks’ time and I want everybody, who loves me, to pray for me.

“There were gallstones in my gall bladder; so, I cannot eat much for now and I have to be careful of what I ingest.”

“Entertainers should be serious about their health; they shouldn’t joke with it because what happened to me can happen to anybody. We all go out to hustle every day and sometimes, forget to take care of ourselves. We are often majorly concerned about our fans and neglect our health.”

He continued;

“My fans should be expecting a song from me because I have a lot to talk about. This sickness was a reality check for me. I have noticed that these days, everybody just talks about money; nobody thinks about their well-being.

“Good health is more important than money; and being in the hospital really made that fact to sink in for me. You may have money but if you are not in good health, how would you spend it? Money without health is nothing. There were so many people that died in the same ward I was in at the hospital despite all the money they spent. This incident has made me to move closer to God and I thank Him for giving me a second chance.”


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