Assault: Husband slices off man’s ear for saying ‘hi’ to his wife

Capture 1 - Assault: Husband slices off man’s ear for saying ‘hi’ to his wife

A Jealous husband has been arrested and sentenced to jail for the crime of assault against another man. According to reports, the suspect sliced off the ear of a man who said “hi” to his wife.

The man Ajmal Mahroof, a father-of-five, approached the victim while he was walking through the park and asked: “you have been talking to my wife – why?”

Not stopping there Mahroof, attacked the man and cut off a piece of his ear leaving the victim permanently disfigured and scarred even after surgeons stitched his left ear back together.

Mahroof reported carried out the attack on October 17, 2018, close to Hyrstlands Park, Batley, West Yorkshire.

The 37-year-old father of 5 has now been jailed for four years after he pled guilty y to wounding with intent and possession of a blade in public.

Judge Mushtaq Khokhar while sentencing the suspect said: “This particular incident is concerning because you did not know [the victim] from Adam. It was just because you saw him talking to your partner. What took place between them was simply an exchange of greetings.”

Prosecutor Carmel Pearson said Mahroof’s wife was waiting for her husband when the victim saw her. Mahroof’s wife is friends with his own girlfriend. She immediately told him not to talk to her as her husband would be along.”

The man then walked away but in no time Mahroof pulled up by the man’s side in his car and produced a machete.

Mahroof said’ “You have been talking to my wife.”

The man replied saying he only said “hi” but Mahroof refused to believe

He said: “You have been talking to my wife, why?” before proceeding to attack the man.


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